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Are you interested in travelling but don't know where to begin? That's where I can help. I am your Cochrane & Calgary area travel agent who understands the challenges of booking travel, as well as the challenges that come with travelling. I am here to make your life easier, and at no cost to you. Looking for more information? Let's chat and get started on turning your travelling goals into reality.


Travel Agent Information

Why Choose Me As Your Travel Agent?



I have the knowledge and experience to make your vacation goals a reality.
Personal Service

Personal Service

I go above and beyond to find the vacation you are wanting.


My goal is to find the best value for your dollar.

What A Travel Agency Can Do For You:

  • Expert Advice and Planning: Travel agencies provide advice and assistance in planning trips. They help narrow down destinations, accommodations, transportation options, activities, and attractions based on your preferences, budget, and interests.
  • Booking and Reservations: Travel agencies handle all bookings and reservations for clients, including flights, hotels, rental cars, tours, cruises, and other travel-related services. They ensure that all arrangements are made efficiently and according to your specifications.
  • Customized Itineraries: At your request, they can create customized itineraries tailored to your needs and preferences. They design comprehensive travel plans that include details such as sightseeing schedules, dining recommendations, transportation arrangements, and more.
  • Problem Resolution and Support: Travel agencies offer support and assistance to you throughout your journey. In case of any unexpected issues or emergencies during the trip, such as flight delays, cancellations, or lost luggage, you can call your travel agent to discuss the options available to you and how to move forward.
  • Value and Cost Savings: Travel agencies strive to provide value and cost savings to you by leveraging their industry connections, negotiating deals, and offering exclusive discounts and promotions. They help you get the most out of your travel budget while still enjoying high-quality experiences.

I Do This & More As Your Travel Agent!


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Questions From Your Travel Agent

1. Destination Preferences:

- Where do you want to travel?

- Are there any specific destinations you have in mind?

- Are you open to exploring new places or do you have a preferred destination?

2. Travel Dates and Duration:

- When are you planning to travel?

- Are your travel dates flexible?

- How long do you plan to stay at your destination?

3. Travel Purpose:

- What is the purpose of your trip? (e.g., vacation, business, family visit)

- Are you celebrating any special occasion during your trip? (e.g., honeymoon, anniversary)

4. Travel Style and Preferences:

- What type of accommodations do you prefer? (e.g., hotel, resort, vacation rental)

- Do you have any specific requirements or preferences for your accommodations? (e.g., amenities, location)

- What activities and experiences are you interested in during your trip? (e.g., sightseeing, adventure, relaxation)

5. Budget and Preferences:

- What is your budget for this trip?

- Are there any budget constraints or preferences we should consider?

- Do you have any loyalty program memberships or travel rewards that you would like to use?

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My Mission:

 I aim to share my deep passion for travel, ensuring that your journey is not only filled with unforgettable moments but also free from the hassle of booking. My ultimate goal is to create an exceptional travel experience for you, one that is both enjoyable and worry-free, leaving you with cherished memories for years to come.

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About Your Travel Agent: Jen England

Hi there! I'm Jen, originally from Alberta but I have been able to experience much of the world! After school, I ended up focusing on work and  I moved into the Oil and Gas industry for a while to support my family. But lately, I've been craving something more personally fulfilling. So, here I am, a travel agent! I've always loved travelling and planning trips, so this job suits me perfectly. My goal is to help you find awesome deals and packages for your dream trip, so you can live your best life. I really care about your travel dreams and I'll do my best to make sure planning your vacation isn't stressful. Let me handle all the details while you focus on enjoying your time away!

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Frequently Asked Questions As A Travel Agent

Absolutely! As a travel agent I have access to various booking systems and can search for the best fares based on your preferences and travel dates.

While it is never mandatory, travel insurance can provide peace of mind in case of unexpected events such as trip cancellations, medical emergencies, or even lost luggage. This is something you can discuss with me as your travel agent.

That can vary by destination, so it best to talk to me as your travel agent about any travel plans and I can help direct you on when and where to go.

As your travel agent I assist you in finding and booking hotels, resorts, vacation rentals and any other accomodations based on your budget and preferences .

There is no easy answer for this one, as it varies by provider. I will review the terms before booking to ensure you understand the policies, and advise you on any cancellation penalties.

It is always a good idea to have some local currency on hand for immediate expense upon arrival.

Passports are a necessity, but depending on the destination you may need a travel visa. That is where as your travel agent I can help, by identifying which documents are needed for your destination.

Initially there is a 75$ planning fee, but other than that you will save more booking with a travel agent then if you had booked it yourself. Our commission is covered by the companies we book with. My goal is to always find you the best deal for your travel plans.

Preferred Suppliers

Our long-standing relationships with trusted travel suppliers enable us to provide you with exclusive pricing, promotions and amenities.

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